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Forgotten Rebellion

Forgotten Rebellion

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A ruthless outlaw determined to conquer her kingdom. A courageous stranger who saves her life. She never suspected they would be the same man…

   With the king bound in enchanted slumber, unrest spreads through the Seven Rivers. Outlaws ravage the land, destroying peaceful villages. Left alone to rule, Crown Princess Tahlea leads her army in defense of her people. When her efforts fail to capture the criminals, she makes a perilous journey to seek aid from a reclusive mystic. He grants her power to erase her enemy’s memory.

   Betrayed and ambushed, Tahlea fights for her life. Captured by outlaws, she learns the attacks are only the beginning, and her entire kingdom is in danger. Desperate to stop Andevaar, she casts her spell.


    Bent on vengeance, Andevaar plans to conquer the Seven Rivers. While the king is unable to act, only Princess Tahlea stands between him and seizing control. But everything changes when he loses his memories. Can he abandon his past and become a new man? Or will he deny his feelings for the stubborn, courageous princess and destroy her to win the throne?
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