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The Ring Keeper

The Ring Keeper

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A girl conceals an enchanted ring. A young soldier fights to protect her. Demons hunt them.

Growing up in a peaceful village, Ana has kept a secret all her life. She possesses an enchanted ring, the legacy from a mother she never knew. When powerful demons attack the village, attempting to kill her and take the ring, keeping it hidden is no longer possible.

Guarded by Zarek, a resourceful young soldier, Ana begins a desperate journey to escape the enemies hunting her. They must reach the borders of Sarine with its enchanted defense. Without Ana’s help, the barrier will fall, allowing the demons to destroy the kingdom and, with it, Ana’s only chance to discover the truth about the ring and the fate of her long-lost mother.

The pursuit grows ever closer, until cornered at last, Zarek sacrifices himself to protect her. Badly injured, his wounds are too serious to survive. Only the ring’s power offers him a chance to live. Ana must unlock its healing magic, and endure the agony of using it before the demons return to kill them both.

FAPA President’s Book Awards 2023 Silver Medal - Adult Fiction: Fantasy

FAPA President’s Book Awards 2023 Silver Medal - Young Adult: Fiction

FAPA President’s Book Awards 2023 Silver Medal - Young Adult: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
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