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The West Road

The West Road

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He would fight to defend them, unless the demons got there first...

A Ring Keeper Short Story

   Dane had been a soldier for most of his life. And he’d traveled for nearly a year before a muddy country road brought him to Gildan. Sworn to complete a quest even with time quickly running out, he can’t give up his search for a missing girl and an enchanted ring. If he fails, his nation will be destroyed.

   In the woods on a rainy night, Dane finds a wandering child and escorts him back to his mother. Lindy is a widow, raising her son alone, but she shares shelter and food. Dane and Lindy find the beginnings of friendship. While he’s trying to help her, he discovers that she holds the final clue that could enable him to complete his quest. Soon, Dane realizes he isn’t the only one searching the countryside. Shekkar Demons have begun their deadly hunt. Dane will do everything he can to protect Lindy and her son from the demon’s poisoned claws.

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