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War's Ending

War's Ending

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Could she fall in love with a man without ever seeing his face?

     Daughter of a sea-faring nation, Shalyrie voyages to explore a new land where wild horsemen ride in the rugged hills, refusing to show their faces to outsiders. Injured in a sudden raid, she falls straight into the middle of a war. Badly hurt, and captured by her enemies, she struggles to unravel the dark truth behind the conflict. The masked horsemen, instead of harming her, offer their help.

    As they attempt to release her peacefully, a vicious attack reveals that someone among her own people is trying to kill her. When she’s left with no safe place to go, the young leader of the horsemen offers Shalyrie his protection. The more she learns about him, the more determined she becomes to stop the violence between their peoples. Despite the differences dividing their cultures, she can’t deny her growing feelings for him.

   But her efforts to make peace have created powerful enemies on both sides. Defeating them offers her only chance to stay with the man she’s quickly growing to love.

      Can Shalyrie end the war before it ends her?

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